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Re: calling Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> [the long version]

On Thu, Jun 03, 1999 at 01:24:53AM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

> Until then, you should realize that some of us don't have money for
> the bigger and better ISPs.  When it comes right down to it, we have
> what we have because it's all we can get.

oh, quit yer whining. sharing the costs with a dozen or so friends, it
costs bugger all to set up a machine on a static IP here in australia
and internet connection charges here are ridiculously high.  

club together with a bunch of other people and run your own bloody
server on a static IP...just make sure it's secure against 3rd party
relaying and you'll have no problems (use ssh or uucp or something to
get mail securely from your system and onto your mail server).

there's a million different ways of doing it, including several which
require bugger-all money - just a bit of ingenuity and work setting it

> This means we can't rely on their servers---fine.  We can run our
> own servers!  You want to punish me by causing not just yourself but
> entire ISPs full of people to be unable to receive mail from me simply
> because I cannot afford a better provider.

no, that is completely wrong. nobody wants to punish you. the world
doesn't revolve around joseph carter, and we don't conspire to oppress
you and thwart your mail deliveries.

at worst, you could say that we are indifferent to your plight. we
(whoever this "we" is) are sick of spammers, and your desire to use your
own mail server on a dialup IP address rather than your ISP's mail relay
is inconsequential compared to our desire not to receive spam.

if you really want to send mail to a system protected by a DUL, then
nobody is stopping you. all you have to do is use your ISP's mail relay
or make some other arrangements.


craig sanders

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