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Re: /etc/environment

On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 09:17:17PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> Just because one package replaces another doesn't mean they are
> configured the same. We are talking about adding a whole new layer to
> the authentication and login process, which is bound to create some
> different approaches to setup. I gave you the answer you were looking

No one questioned this.

> for and explained where to look in order to configure it the way you
> need it. I failed to see that you were expecting some one to do it for
> you instead of taking 15 minutes to look over a small section of the
> PAM docs.

Not exactly. Some years ago (quite some time before you joined us I suppose)
there was talk to add /etc/environment to policy. Apparently I just noticed
this still hasn't made it in so I was expecting to much I guess.

> It would be impossible to take into account every little detail of
> shadow's setup and configure pam-apps on the fly to emulate what it
> does.

Once again this is NOT a little detail, that is in my opinion, because it
should already have made it into policy.

> Please take the few moments required to look this over, or maybe go
> back to the normal shadow utils.

Hmm, seems I offended you somehow. Sorry for that.

I'm just used to a different way of handling questions. IMO the answer "read
the docs" is not a good answer. Hopefully you don't think this mail is
offensive. It's not meant that way.

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