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Re: calling Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> [OFF TOPIC]

On 3 Jun 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

> In an attempt to inject a little sanity here:
> Dwarf _was_ using a mail relay (mail.polaris.net) which was (and is)
> listed in ORBS, so was presumably an open relay at some point.
> I tried relaying through it earlier today, and it seems not to be
> relaying for me, so assuming it's been fixed, someone from polaris.net
> simply needs to go to:
>   http://www.orbs.org/closed1.cgi?address=
> they'll be taken off the list.

Can I do this, or does it have to be someone who "speaks" for polaris.net?

> It's not persecution.  In fact to a large extent they are being done a
> favour, since they are having the open relay brought to their
> attention before it gets a chance to get popular with spammers, which
> could be far more damaging.
> (BTW Dwarf, Is that about right from your point of view? or are you
>             actually having trouble getting off ORBS ?)

Your assessment sounds correct. I have been too busy to try to do anything
about this problem, as we can "talk" on another address.

I _do_ have to say that the others in this thread who have suggested that
it is my fault for where I live, or who I choose as my service provider is
equivalent to racial bigotry and I am offended that any of my friends on
this list would suggest such an obsurdity.

I will also say: "If you have a problem with someone elses server, (like
it is an "open" relay) then the correct way to resolve such a problem is
to contact the manager of the domain, not abuse all of the individuals
using that domain as their home!"

Regecting the complete population of a domain, because one address spammed
you is simply poor logic, and the definition of prejudiced (bigoted)

I'm not pointing fingers here. Phil has to figure out the best way to live
in his environment with preconditions and restrictions imposed on his
choices in the same way that I must. The fact that we have been able to
communicate dispite those impediments suggests that we are both seeking
the same thing...communication.

I would like to take this opportunity to appologize to those who have been
inconvenienced by some of my reacent, bulky, postings. My connection is
paid on a monthly basis, so I sometimes forget that others on this list
pay by the word for their e-mail. For those, my appologies, although I
can't promis not to do it again ;-)


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