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[PAM] service names: What should they be?

I've added PAM support to my IMAP package.  This has a total of three
daemons which can use PAM: /usr/sbin/imapd (in imap), /us/sbin/ipop2d and
/us/sbin/ipop3d (in ipopd.)  I know I have to create files in /etc/pam.d
for them but what should they be called?

Here is what the PAM documentation says:

     The syntax of files contained in  the  /etc/pam.d/  direc
       tory,  are identical except for the absence of any service
       field. In this case, the service is the name of  the  file
       in  the  /etc/pam.d/  directory.  This filename must be in
       lower case.


       The service is typically the familiar name of  the  corre
       sponding  application: login and su are good examples. The
       service-name, other, is reserved for giving default rules.
       Only  lines  that  mention  the current service (or in the
       absence of such, the other  entries)  will  be  associated
       with the given service-application.

What is the familiar name for imap? (I've assumed it is imap and it
seems to work.)  How about pop-2? pop-3?  Do these names come from
/etc/services, the package name, the daemon name, a central registry or
somewhere else?

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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