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Re: calling Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> [OFF TOPIC]

In an attempt to inject a little sanity here:

Dwarf _was_ using a mail relay (mail.polaris.net) which was (and is)
listed in ORBS, so was presumably an open relay at some point.

I tried relaying through it earlier today, and it seems not to be
relaying for me, so assuming it's been fixed, someone from polaris.net
simply needs to go to:


they'll be taken off the list.

It's not persecution.  In fact to a large extent they are being done a
favour, since they are having the open relay brought to their
attention before it gets a chance to get popular with spammers, which
could be far more damaging.

(BTW Dwarf, Is that about right from your point of view? or are you
            actually having trouble getting off ORBS ?)

Cheers, Phil.

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