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Re: Automatically restart daemons

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Matt Kern wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Tom wrote:
> > Well, what specifcally would the advantage of that be?  Since you need
> > to reload the servers at other times, the install script can just call
> > the reload script.
> The modifications are only useful on machines where manual editing takes
> place.  You could for example change where some stuff is being logged to
> in syslog, and while still viewing the file in emacs, give the command to
> restart syslogd.  The same goes for apache and all the other daemons on
> the system.  It has proven a very useful feature in the past and one that
> doesn't require much on our part to take to Debian's users.

Okay I edit httpd.conf, I save it (without exiting), then I run
"/etc/init.d/apache reload".  How would this change with your suggestion?
All you said to do was copy the restart code into the postinst/prerm
scripts, rather than have those scripts call /etc/init.d/<daemon>.  This
would just mean more duplicated code with more places where a single bug
might need to be fixed.
							- Tom

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