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Re: Bug#39823: tetex-bin: Texinfo tools should have their own package =(

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Josip Rodin wrote:

> I'm crossposting this now to the Texinfo pre-release mailing list,
> people there should be able to tell us whether 'their' texinfo
> tools are 'better' than those from teTeX.
> Versions of programs in question are, I believe, texinfo 3.12i
> and teTeX 0.9.990601.

Texinfo 3.12i has many significant improvements, but I have no idea
how relevant those improvements are for teTeX users.

One thing that's probably relevant is that texinfo.tex now supports
Texinfo macros (@macro foo ... @end macro).  Another improvement is
that several NLS versions of texinfo.tex are now included, for those
who write documents in languages other than English.

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