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FWD: Re: booth form Debian in .org pavilion?

Looks like debian has booth space at the next linuxworld, in a very good
setting. From IDG:

| We would like to invite Debian to LinuxWorld Conference & Expo?s  .org
| Pavilion in San Jose,
| August 10 - 12, 1999!
| .org Pavilion
| sponsored by VA Linux Systems
| Presenting a 40 x 50? on the show floor (a floor map can be faxed to you
| upon request) that will be designated as an area to foster the open style
| that the Linux Community stands for.  Ideas will be shared, video games
| will be played, lounging will be on couches, and snacks will be enjoyed.
| Just all in all an open environment to learn!
| Each company that participates in the .org pavilion will receive:
| *    All print and web promotional opportunities including special listing
| in show guide for .org pavilion
| *    Space equivalent to 10x10? size booth within pavilion ($3,295 value)
| *    Carpet  ($150 value)
| *    8ft. draped table ($140 value)
| *    2 side chairs ($92 value)
| *    Internet connection ($925 value)
| *    Electricity (500 watts) ($75 value)
| *    Drape
| *    ID Sign
| *    Company logo placement on signs within the area
| Package value:  $4,677 (not including marketing opportunities)
| Because we would like to continue to support of the community, we would
| like to offer this package complementary to Debian.  Companies are allowed
| to bring promotional items into the .org Pavilion; however, the company
| will be responsible for all drayage associated with that shipment.
| We do request that your promote on your Web site your presence in the
| pavilion with an official LinuxWorld Conference & Expo show logo with a
| link back to the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Web site (
| www.linuxworldexpo.com).

see shy jo

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