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Re: Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport)

Joost Kooij <joost@pc47.mpn.cp.philips.com> writes:

>In fact, I've had more trouble from bash at times when it decided to have
>a fight with libreadline, causing _major_ breakage, than the occasions
>where one insignificant script had a silly bash problem (yes a "bash
>problem", not an "ash problem" IMHO), which in 98% of the cases consists
>of the use of the keyword "function" to declare a function. 

I've noticed two more bashisms:  "if [ a == b ]" (sh supports only
"="), and "a/very/long/path/foo.{deb,gz}".

I suppose there are more.  I think they should be collected and
documented somewhere, such as in the packaging manual.

			   - Jim Van Zandt

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