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Re: Bastille linux : secure linux distribution

Rene Mayrhofer <rmayr@vianova.at> writes:

> I took a very close look on Debian and on RedHat. As I used Debian
> before I did the comparison, I tried to find some reasons NOT to use
> RedHat. However, the first conclusion was that RedHat indeed was
> better for mass-installations as I am planning and for custom,
> specialied distributions.  Then, when I looked at the internals of
> the package management system, I finally decided to use Debian for
> my security-related packages. The Debian system is bullet-proof for
> daily use and for updates of a running system.

Yes, it's an interesting paradox that RH is still somewhat easier to
install, but Debian is easier to upgrade and maintain.  As long as you
can climb that initial hill, it's a much smoother ride....  :)

> Out distribution will be also be based on Debian, because of the
> reasons mentioned above. It is now in development (packages) and I
> am trying to figure out how to change to Debian installer to only
> use the packages I tell it to and not to ask a few questions that
> are pointless for out distribution.

I believe that Corel may have people working on some of the same
issues.  While it's nice to have several groups addressing this, it
might be more productive if we could all work together on this.
That is, after all, one of the big advantages of free software:
collaborative, rather than competitive, development.

> I thought that might interest a few people. New distributions are
> not only based on RedHat.

Since Caldera broke off with RH, the RPM-based distros have been
fragmenting, I'd hope that we can avoid having the same thing happen
to deb-based distros.  Fortunately, unlike RH, we're not competing
with the other distros that use our technology -- we're a free
project, so we're collaborators, not competitors.  :)

Welcome to the team, things are indeed starting to get interesting.

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