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Re: Add "nice -10" to /etc/crontab run-parts commands?

On Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 11:43:26PM -0400, Shaleh wrote:

> >>     > 5. Lots of people who run their boxes at home use anacron,
> >>     > and it would be nice to have the big jobs run without
> >>     > disturbing the user much.  Anacron runs all the unrun jobs
> >>     > shortly after booting up, just when you are loggin in and
> >>     > getting going... Anything to help this out would be good.
> > 
> >> The time that anacron jobs are run can be adjusted by editing
> >> /etc/anacrontab.
> > 
> > Yes, but it's still likely to be run while I am using the box, as
> > that's the only time that I turn it on...  This isn't a problem,
> > however I'd much prefer it if it minimized its impact on my system, if
> > that were at all feasible.

> Fine, nice it real low.  Do what you want, it's your box.  It is not
> Debian's job to decide these things.

There are tons of things that Debian has decided.  Why not one more?
We've already crossed that rubicon.

> Remember, not everyone using Linux uses it at home.  

I don't see any adverse effects on non-home users.  I do see a benefit
for home users.

> Debian tries to be the middle ground.

Unless I'm missing the drawbacks to this, there are not two opposing
mutually exclusive positions, so a 'middle ground' is a false
dichotomy...  Hmm went and reread the thread, and no one has opposed
this for any sort of technical motive.

> conffiles are designated that way for this reason (and others).

Yes, but it's nice to be able to get all the benefits of new files,
with fixes and such, without having to merge them in by hand, if you
happened to have changed something...  

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