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Re: Automatically restart daemons

On 02-Jun-99, 10:54 (CDT), Matt Kern <mwk20@cam.ac.uk> wrote: 
> It might be a nice idea if we put the code to restart various daemons into
> their config files.
> e.g.	# /etc/inetd.conf:  see inetd(8) for further informations. 
> 	# 
> 	# Internet server configuration database 
> 	...
> 	# Local variables: 
> 	# mode: text 
> 	# compile-command: "kill -HUP `cat /var/run/inetd.pid`" 
> 	# End: 
> This is a very useful feature and can really help the turnaround time for
> adding new services manually.  Any thoughts?

The (Debian specific) canonical way to force a demon to reload its
configuration file is

/etc/init.d/daemonname reload

This will perform the necessary command to cause a daemon to reload its
configuration file if and only if it can be done without stopping and
restarting the daemon. If the daemon doesn't support such an action, the
the command should report somethe along the lines of "reload not supported",
in which case you can use

/etc/init.d/daemonname force-reload

which is required to work. More info in the policy document.


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