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Re: /etc/profile.d ?

> > 
> I'd be very interested in your package.  I've made a similiar one a
> few months ago called "sysprofile" and "xsysprofile" but which uses a
> "/etc/sysprofile.d/" directory instead of "/etc/profile.d/".  For me
> it is mainly a *mechanism* for modularizing systemwide common shell
> settings (bash-only so far) for the lazy sysadmin's use.  I consider
> this not appropriate for packages to drop their customizations into.
> I was playing with the idea of uploading it to master once i feel
> confident enough to have reached a certain level of usefulness.  I'd
> be delighted if people could check it out and maybe enhance it in some
> way.  The "sysprofile" and "xsysprofile" packages including source can
> be downloaded from "ftp://ntama.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian/unofficial/";.
> It is in a rather raw state and won't affect any system settings until
> you start customizing it.  It comes with a bunch of simple examples.
> Note that the approach of this mechanism differs from Redhat's insofar
> as it is not meant to be used by other packages but by each particular
> sysadmin only to ease maintenance e.g. of a common netwide setup.
> It's a primitive mechanism but it has proven here to work for what it
> was designed for.

My package was started by the same needs as yours, but having found packages
that make changes to the /etc/profile I changed it to be more flexible and
allow its use by other packages.
Obviously if this is not accepted as debian policy its use by other packages
will not be possible, but I still find it very useful for the lazy sysadmin
as you say.
I will upload my package to my web site. You will find it in a few days at:


I will have a look at your code.

Massimo Dal Zotto

|  Massimo Dal Zotto               email: dz@cs.unitn.it               |
|  Via Marconi, 141                phone: ++39-0461534251              |
|  38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)      www: http://www.cs.unitn.it/~dz/  |
|  Italy                             pgp: finger dz@tango.cs.unitn.it  |

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