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Re: 2.2.x bug...

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 12:32:38PM -0700, Jim Lynch wrote: 

> Could someone who knows be specific about the kernel version (all of them?
> really??) and the type of attack? Are they discussing it on linux-kernel@vger?
> Anyone have a url for the message in the archives (or other method of getting
> right to the info)?

  The bug report from bugtraq can be found at
http://www.geek-girl.com/bugtraq/1999_2/0604.html, no discussion about the
subject at linux-kernel AFAIK.  

  The report states that the whole 2.2 series would be affected, and I
believe that some machines running 2.2.5 in our local system have been
crashed using this exploit. 

  2.2.10 pre-patches have been around for a while.

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