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Re: Automatically restart daemons

On 02-Jun-99, 17:54 (CDT), Matt Kern <mwk20@cam.ac.uk> wrote: 
> Thank you all for your comments about the message I posted.  However, I
> feel that you have, without exception, missed the point.  I am well aware
> that the prescribed way of restarting a daemon is to use the init.d
> scripts;  I was kind of hoping for some feedback on whether it was a
> useful idea to embed reload code into the config files, and whether we
> might employ it.  The example I showed was from a machine that isn't
> really Debian, and hence did not use the init.d scripts.

I guess I'm still missing the point. On a Debian system, I'd embed
"/etc/init.d/daemonname force-reload", because that is the *correct* way
to accomplish the task on a Debian system. (In the particular case of
inetd, I can see the small advantage of pointing out that the correct
substitution for "daemonname" is netbase, not inetd.)

If, on the other hand, it *isn't* a Debian system, how is anything I
do to the configuration files for my Debian packages going to have any

Matt, I'm not actually trying to be obnoxiously obtuse here; I just
remain mystified by your reasoning. Feel free to reply directly rather
than to the list if you think I'm just being stupid...


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