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Re: calling Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 11:44:40PM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

> I do not relay.  My ISP runs NT on its mail server.  I want my mail
> delivered and unmangled.  I would be greatly offended if my email
> started getting rejected simply because I don't have a relay set up
> (especially given that I'm running a Linux workstation here and don't
> NEED a relay to get my mail safely to where it belongs.)

if your ISP provides a lousy service then vote with your feet.

> A demonstration that filtering mail based on IP is a Bad Plan.  The
> spammers have adapted to it.  So you want to filter more IPs.

wrong. it's not a bad plan because it works.

a minor inconvenience to a handful of people like you and branden (both
of you have enough of a clue to route around any inconvenience) does not
even begin to compare with the major network damage caused by spammers.

dialup IP addresses are abused by spammers in many ways. the most
obvious is the whack-a-mole spammer, who churns through numerous
throw-away dialup accounts. they also abuse dialup systems by hunting
for and taking advantage of clueless types running wingate or other
badly configured lan gateway products.

> Not a chance in the abyss I will route my mail through my ISP.  Not
> even a chance.

that's your choice. i fully support your right to that choice.

i also support MY choice, and that of many other people, to reject smtp
connections coming from dialup IP addresses.


craig sanders

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