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Re: #38544: Gettext solution (Was: Re: gettext packages)

> Let's follow Joe User's example:
> Suppose gettext is splitted into gettext and gettext-dev ("gettext-dev"
> because you insist that a development package needs to be named whatever-dev).
> Joe User wants to compile and install a package whose README file says
> "you need gettext to compile this package".
> Joe User would then complain "Ok, I have the gettext package installed,
> but it still does not work. Why?".

 Long ago the gettext package contained a library, and the development
utils. This has always been the `spirit' of the gettext package and you are
right when you say this.
 The library has moved to libc, and the gettext binary (which its name
doesn't name the package) is just a little wrapper around a standard library
 My proposal is to move the gettext binary to the libc6 package (or some
othe essential package) and leave the gettext package for developers.

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