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Re: #38544: Gettext solution (Was: Re: gettext packages)

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 01:30:10PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > In which case, let's aim to split the gettext package ;)
> Well, you are the only one to insist so much in splitting the gettext
> package. The reason you give me for this is that there are some stuff
> which is normally not needed by the average user. I agree with that, but
> IMHO, this is not a good reason for the split.

I would like a gettext-base package too. gettext goes on the base system, 
where every KB counts. The development stuff in gettext is ~300 KB.
That may be the difference between a 7 floppies and 8 floppies base
system for potato.
Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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