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APT 0.3.7 Released!

The Debian APT team would like to announce the release of the
latest version of APT, the next-generation packaging tool for
Debian GNU/Linux, version 0.3.7!

This release fixes many bugs, and now APT supports downloading of the
source to any Debian package! By running the command 'apt-get source
packagename' APT will automatically fetch the original source .tar.gz
and Debian .diff.gz patch and extract them into a directory. Now it's
easy to build your own .deb packages from source without hunting
through the FTP archives.

Make sure to update your /etc/apt/source.list with a line like:

deb-src http://http.us.debian.org/debian unstable main contrib non-free

so APT knows how to download source.

Here is a list of bugs fixed in APT 0.3.7:

  * Fixed missing text in the apt-get(8) page. Closes: #37596
  * Made --simulate and friends work with apt-get source. Closes: #37597, #37656
  * Fixed inclusion of man pages in the -doc/-dev package. Closes: #37633, #38651
  * Fixed handling of the -q option with not-entirely integer arguments
    Closes: #37499
  * Man page typo Closes: #37762
  * Fixed parsing of the Source: line. Closes: #37679
  * Dpkg/dpkg-hurd source bug. Closes: #38004, #38032
  * Added a check for an empty cache directory. Closes: #37963
  * Return a failure code if -d is given and packages fail to download.
    Closes: #38127
  * Arranged for an ftp proxy specifing an http server to work. See the
    important note in the sources.list man page.
  * Accounted for resumed files in the cps calculation. Closes: #36787
  * Deal with duplicate same version different packages. Closes: #30237
  * Added --no-download. Closes: #38095
  * Order of apt-cdrom dist detection. Closes: #38139
  * Fix apt-cdrom chop handling and missing lines. Closes: #37276
  * IPv6 http support
  * Suggests dpkg-dev for apt-get source. Closes: #38158
  * Fixed typo in apt-get help. Closes: #38712
  * Improved the error message in the case of broken held package. Closes: #38777
  * Fixed handling of MD5 failures
  * Documented list notation Closes: #39008
  * Change the 'b' to 'B'. Closes: #39007 

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