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(xmysqladmin license problem) Re: Packages up for adoption

Package: xmysqladmin
Version: 1.0-3
Severity: important

Brian Almeida wrote:

> I don't care to maintain xmysql or xmysqladmin anymore, as I'm
> not using them and am not maintainer of mysql anymore.  Beware,
> they both use XForms and need to have the authors contacted to
> have their licenses fixed, since they are GPL'd.

As a minor nitpick, xmysql is GPL'ed as Brian said, but the
license for xmysqladmin says:

 I reserve the copyright to xMySQLadmin. However, you are
 permitted to use and distribute xMySQLadmin, provided that you 
   (a) distribute it with the full sources, and 
   (b) that you leave this documentation and 
       copyright notice intact.

We don't distribute with full source, so we're not allowed to
distribute it?

However picks up this package should try to obtain the same
license change as xmysql, or package the source separately
as done with the tetex-src package.

Peter Galbraith

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