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Re: [PAM] Should `ssh' depend on `libpwdb'?

On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 08:12:33PM +0000, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> I think I remember reading in one of these mailing lists that the PAM
> `libpwdb' is deprecated, and should not be used, since it bypasses the 
> normal "nsswitch" mechanism in glibc.  Is this true?

AFAIR yes. And why would a program depend directly on libpwdb? It should be
wrapped through PAM, shouldn't it?

> I tried to uninstall it, but found that `ssh' and `ssh2' depend on it.
> Shouldn't they be configured to use the normal "unix" auth plugins?
> Is this a "bug" against `ssh' and `ssh2'?  (Should I file it?)

I would say so. IIRC Ben Collins has taken maintainership of libpam. He should
know better...


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