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Re: Automatically restart daemons

On 03-Jun-99, 13:39 (CDT), Tom Lear <tom@trap.mtview.ca.us> wrote: 
> Okay I edit httpd.conf, I save it (without exiting), then I run
> "/etc/init.d/apache reload".  How would this change with your suggestion?
> All you said to do was copy the restart code into the postinst/prerm
> scripts, rather than have those scripts call /etc/init.d/<daemon>.  This
> would just mean more duplicated code with more places where a single bug
> might need to be fixed.

After a few emails, and going back to read the original message, I think there
were two key points that Matt was making:

1. Put the command needed to update the daemon in the config file --
this makes it easier for the inexperienced sysadmin to screw up their
configuration :-) (Sarcasm aside, it's not a bad idea -- newbies may not
realize that they need to request a reload.)

2. Put the command in the funky format so that emacs treats it as the
compile command for that file -- thus "Alt-X compile<return>" would
issue the appropriate command to reload the daemon.

I'm pretty _enh_ about it....


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