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BTS is too slow? (was Re: enough already: xaw-wrappers is fixed)

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> I have closed a total of 12 bug reports on this subject. Stop sending them.

This reminds me of the problem I have with the BTS, one that I've
neglected to bring up for discussion until now.  The problem I see is
simple: the BTS is too slow.

When the shellutils su-is-not-suid-root bug came up, I checked the BTS and
all the mailing lists to ensure that nothing was already reported.  Then I
sent mail to the BTS, and noticed that nothing visible (to anyone else) 
happened for many many hours.  A while later, bug reports about the issue
started appearing on the BTS.  Mine was, unsurprisingly, not even close to
the first.  All of the bug reports said the same thing, and it was obvious
that none of the people who reported the bug saw any of the other reports. 

I was using the www interface to the BTS, and using the 'mirror' on
va/www.  Presumably that's the fastest way of accessing the BTS, short of
request@bugs.debian.org with index-summary by-package, which does not by
any means produce a small or manageable response.  I doubt many of our
users will request bug lists by email anyway, even if there is a shorter
version available. 

Is there anything that can be done, or are duplicate reports just a fact
of life?  (I've yet to experience this problem as a developer, as my two
packages are very simple and I have one wishlist bug in total.)  If they
are unavoidable, perhaps we need to acknowledge that it's not the
reporter's fault for filing the eleventh or twelvth duplicate report. :>

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