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[comparing plotting packages] Re: Developing

Andreas Tille wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Jordan Evatt wrote:
> > Hello... I'm interested in developing or packaging something for debian,
> > to help the effort. 
> There is a real need for a good scientific plotting program.  Some
> time ago we discussed about the packaged GnuPlot, the (yet) unpackaged
> Physica and a third plotting program.

>                                        Some days ago there was an
> announcement in the Gtk-list for GtkPlot which is available at
>     ftp://ripley.ifir.edu.ar/pub/gtk/gtkplot/
> I'm not sure if it is packaged yet but in my opinion somebody should
> spend the time to evaluate these programs and perhaps enhance the "best"
> of it.  The lack of a good plotting program is the cruxial point why
> many of my collegues at the physics department not switch to Linux.

Plotting packages in potato (not counting libraries, data
exploration tools, and quick screen plotters like xplot):


There's always room for more, but I'm not sure we're deficient in
that area anymore.  It would be nice to compare them, but that's
a huge tasks, and the comparison would be very dependent upon the
background and needs of the user.

Suggesting to go ahead and enhance the "best" one might not be
such a good idea, since presumably they all have active
development.  You'd want to coordinate any effort with the
upstream author.

We're all busy, and can't always try every package out there even
if it's free because we have limited time to learn new tools.
That's a real problem... There's too much good free software for
me to learn it all!

My two cents...


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