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Re: Automatically restart daemons

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Tom Lear wrote:

> I assuming theres a command in emacs to run the code in the file being
> edited or something,

Yup -- the most useful way is to specify a different compile command, so
'M-x compile' will restart the daemon.

> in which case just put '#/etc/init.d/apache reload'
> in your httpd.conf file. 

This is exactly what I was proposing.

> I would be strongly opposed to putting this
> level of emacs-centricity in Debian.  There's no reason to duplicate the
> code since the init.d script comes with the package.

There is a reason;  it makes it easier for the sysadmins and points out to
the newbie how they effect the changes they have made.



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