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[no subject] "[shellutils on hurd]" ?? "apt-get source" problems "Falling back to /proc for VM_*" "No spool file found" # bye (1) xdvi (2) ATI Rage Fury Pro 128 & Xfree86-v4.0.1 (Psion) plptools compilation error /bin/false /bin/false (was Re: security questions) /boot /boot files /dev/video: Operation not permitted /etc/apt/sources.list -- howto... /etc/environment file: What is it? /etc/nologin /proc/interrupts /usr/bin before /usr/local/bin? /usr/share, why bother? 2.2 - install - cdrom_module 2.2-emacs and gnus 2.2.4pre9 and modules 2.2: MBR install whacks my system boot 2.4 kernel and HP Laser Series II 2.4-pre5 especially susceptible to memory overload? 2.4.0-test kernels? Re: 3c509 troubles 3com problem 3dfx.o Re: 3dfx.o -- SOLVED!!! 60 gig drive En snabb fråga... q´s ad adding driver to ghostscript Re(2): ISDN PPP configurálás [Fwd: X-window] [ anyone notice any g++ differences?] [ OT: Apache www & no www] Re: [laptop install...] [OFFTOPIC] small fetchmail problem with popsneaker Re: [OFFTOPIC] small fetchmail problem with popsneaker - SOLVED :) [OOT] Re: SPAM - [ERROR!!!] (TO ALL NEWSGROUP MEMBERS) [OT?] XFree86 4.0.1 / apm / DPMS problem [OT?]RE:Installing Debian on W2K [OT] gcc-warning: more info [OT] gcc-warning: SOLVED! [OT] gcc-warnings Re: [OT] History: GNUStep vs. Gnome [OT] is graphics acceleration/GL dependent on X11? [OT] Mozilla and JunkBuster [OT] open source bpm (optical w/g simulation) [OT] Re: Debian Australian mirror @ mirror.aarnet [OT] why does ./configure fail silently? [OT] Win ftp clients speed strangeness [ nfs mounting from netapp] Re: [SLUG] apt/dpkg database error [ Re: PHP joy at last!] [very OT] Qs from a newbie (help ASAP?) (long) abiword - new version? about to install Debian - "help me through the dark".. :) acceleration + threshold vs. speed Access to WWW via ISDN and Netscape Navigator (beginner) access.log (apache) not rotated Accounting ACPI Added a hard drive - Problems now adding ftp user Adding hdparm at boot time Adding local gnome-applets Advice to newbie, please Advice USB CD burner aec671x_detect hang Re: aegis aime mud server Aint this a bug or i'm just the one having this problem alien and rpm ALSA problem in Potato alsa-base Anacron fails on exim job Anti-spam system Any alternative to netscape for gnome ? any experiences administering large collections of debian (more generally linux boxes) Any help before I go and spend $49.99 on a Book with the disks? any way to use one system's packages to help upgrade another? anyone attending LISA? anyone knows DIAL-BACK ppp?? anyone notice any g++ differences? anyone try using pseudo-image kit...keep getting *** Error: getline(): not interactive, use stdio. error Anyone using 2.2 (potato) with an AMD 486 DX4? apache & latest woody libc6 upgrade apache and ssi (OT) Apache compile error Apache suExec: Allowing users to execute programs from their own ~/www/cgi-bin/ Apache- CGI apg-get fails to install packages (was Re: ideas?) apt && woody. apt cheating? apt mini-intro apt on non-debian system Apt should be called "inapt" (rhymes with "inept") Apt source for nonus...? apt stat problem continues apt-cache: was:what's djscript? apt-cdrom add trouble apt-cdrom and cd-rom drive apt-get and customized kernel apt-get and kde apt-get bug? apt-get dist-upgrade and powerfailure apt-get error apt-get error when updating apt-get problem Re: apt-get problem-solved apt-get question Apt-Get troubles apt-get upgrade apt-get upgrade behaviour versus apt-get install package with respect to netscape, apt-get wants toupgrade my kernel package to debian kernel package RE: apt-get: "The following packages have been kept back" - What Re: apt-get: "The following packages have been kept back" - What does it mean? apt-get: "The following packages have been kept back" - What does it mean? Apt-getable CD-ROMs apt-getting from behind a proxy Re: apt-getting from behind a proxy + IP tunnel apt-move problems apt-move update skipping .debs apt-move update skips .debs apt/dpkg database error apts: something wicked happend resolving ' ' Re: apts: something wicked happend resolving ' ' Re: apts: something wicked happend resolving (Now Fixed!) Arghh.... glibconfig.h Article: Debian's Daunting Installation aside: killfiles & mailing software Ati Rage Furo Pro 128 ATI Rage Fury Pro 128 Automated NFS Install Automatic Debian 'slushy' Re: AW: Defrag in Win2000 no good for FIPS AW: PHP AW: some general (samba) questions Backing up the system backup and rebuild strategy backup/restore partitions Re: balsa mozilla ... base list ?? bash shell bash_history Basic Debian firewall Basic Kernel Question Berkeley DB 3x Best SCSI card for Plextor Drive big problem ! Re: Big Problem ! bind and address rewriting Bind error in /var/log/daemon.log binding f4 to middle mouse RE: BIOS32 entry (0xc00fa000) in high memory, cannot use Re: Bitchx and screen do NOT cooperate in 2.2 BitchX auto accept DCC BitKeeper (was Re: password protect a directory?) bits and pieces Blackbox menu trouble The last update was on 07:48 GMT Mon Aug 05. There are 4673 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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