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[no subject] (1) xdvi (2) ATI Rage Fury Pro 128 & Xfree86-v4.0.1 2.2.4pre9 and modules 2.2-emacs and gnus 2.2 - install - cdrom_module 2.2: MBR install whacks my system boot 2.4.0-test kernels? 2.4 kernel and HP Laser Series II 2.4-pre5 especially susceptible to memory overload? Re: 3c509 troubles 3com problem 3dfx.o Re: 3dfx.o -- SOLVED!!! 60 gig drive abiword - new version? about to install Debian - "help me through the dark".. :) acceleration + threshold vs. speed access.log (apache) not rotated Access to WWW via ISDN and Netscape Navigator (beginner) Accounting ACPI Added a hard drive - Problems now adding ftp user Adding hdparm at boot time Adding local gnome-applets Advice to newbie, please Advice USB CD burner aec671x_detect hang Re: aegis aime mud server Aint this a bug or i'm just the one having this problem alien and rpm alsa-base ALSA problem in Potato Anacron fails on exim job Anti-spam system Any alternative to netscape for gnome ? any experiences administering large collections of debian (more generally linux boxes) Any help before I go and spend $49.99 on a Book with the disks? anyone attending LISA? anyone knows DIAL-BACK ppp?? anyone notice any g++ differences? anyone try using pseudo-image kit...keep getting *** Error: getline(): not interactive, use stdio. error Anyone using 2.2 (potato) with an AMD 486 DX4? any way to use one system's packages to help upgrade another? apache and ssi (OT) Apache- CGI Apache compile error apache & latest woody libc6 upgrade Apache suExec: Allowing users to execute programs from their own ~/www/cgi-bin/ apg-get fails to install packages (was Re: ideas?) apt-cache: was:what's djscript? apt-cdrom add trouble apt-cdrom and cd-rom drive apt cheating? apt/dpkg database error Apt-getable CD-ROMs apt-get and customized kernel apt-get and kde apt-get bug? apt-get dist-upgrade and powerfailure apt-get error apt-get error when updating apt-get problem Re: apt-get problem-solved apt-get question "apt-get source" problems RE: apt-get: "The following packages have been kept back" - What Re: apt-get: "The following packages have been kept back" - What does it mean? apt-get: "The following packages have been kept back" - What does it mean? apt-getting from behind a proxy Re: apt-getting from behind a proxy + IP tunnel Apt-Get troubles apt-get upgrade apt-get upgrade behaviour versus apt-get install package with respect to netscape, apt-get wants toupgrade my kernel package to debian kernel package apt mini-intro apt-move problems apt-move update skipping .debs apt-move update skips .debs apt on non-debian system Apt should be called "inapt" (rhymes with "inept") Apt source for nonus...? Re: apts: something wicked happend resolving ' ' apts: something wicked happend resolving ' ' Re: apts: something wicked happend resolving (Now Fixed!) apt stat problem continues apt && woody. Arghh.... glibconfig.h Article: Debian's Daunting Installation aside: killfiles & mailing software Ati Rage Furo Pro 128 ATI Rage Fury Pro 128 Automated NFS Install Automatic Debian 'slushy' Re: AW: Defrag in Win2000 no good for FIPS AW: PHP AW: some general (samba) questions Backing up the system backup and rebuild strategy backup/restore partitions Re: balsa mozilla ... base list ?? bash_history bash shell Basic Debian firewall Basic Kernel Question Berkeley DB 3x Best SCSI card for Plextor Drive Re: {BIG MISTAKE} - what is modules.conf big problem ! Re: Big Problem ! bind and address rewriting Bind error in /var/log/daemon.log binding f4 to middle mouse /bin/false /bin/false (was Re: security questions) RE: BIOS32 entry (0xc00fa000) in high memory, cannot use Re: Bitchx and screen do NOT cooperate in 2.2 BitchX auto accept DCC BitKeeper (was Re: password protect a directory?) bits and pieces Blackbox menu trouble blocks on floppy disk book Book Recommendations... Books suggestions / ports question /boot Boot CD's and mkinitrd /boot files Boot Problem Re: boot-record only disk Fw: Boot-time Usenet warning on cvalle Borland C specific libraries in Linux Bring Out Yer' Dead... Dead Sparcs That Is. Broadcast2000 on Debian? broken debian links broken libc6/nss-modules in woody Broken Packages, system problems broken woody Building kde2 from source packages Building Pine burning CDs buying new monitor # bye c2ps and page size Cable Modem caching/buffering/ram usage (linux-, not debian-specific) calculating disk space Can anyone tell me how to config DNS when dialing with wvdial? can anyone tell me what is causing this or what this means? Can apt be steered? Can I combine installing from CD with ftp? The last update was on 10:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 4673 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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