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Re: apt-get and customized kernel

In Jack's email, 13-10-2000:
> Hi,
> I always compile my own customized kernel.  However,  it brings one
> thing annoying when using apt-get dist-upgrade.  As you can see as
> following it tries to install debian provided kernel instead.  
> Can I shut it off?
> thanks,
[ snip of apt/dpkg replacing custom kernel.. ] 

  the problem you're having is that the package on the debian end is
coming up as a higher version number than you're make-kpkg compiled
one.  I had this problem for a while, and I fixed it by using
epochs in my local versions..   i.e. make-kpkg --version 4:custom.4
kernel_image ..  This seemed to fix all my problems, and hopefully
they won't ever get an epoch of 4 on the archive versions :P

Michael Janssen
CNS Lab Admin

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