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Re: apt-getting from behind a proxy

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, maarten wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm fairly new at Debian, and GNU/Linux in general, so please: no flaming ;)
> I've got a winmodem (oh, the agony),  and two computers forming a network. The computer with the modem has a windows installation access to the Internet. It's also got this neat little program called AnalogX Proxy, which isn't really a proxy, but acts like one.
> This allows me to surf on two computers at once, at least if both of them are on Windows.
> The problem is: I want to upgrade my Slink&a-half version of Debian to Woody, using apt-get. But I don't know how to make apt-get use my proxy-computer. (Does this make any sence at all?)
> The networkcard is working OK under Debian, I can ping the other comp. but pinging anything outside the network is 100% failure.
> Does anyone know what to do?

You can use apt through an http proxy by setting an environment variable
as follows:


I forget where this is documented, but it is, and it works for me.

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