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Apt should be called "inapt" (rhymes with "inept")

I tried to install a package using apt-get yesterday. It complained about dependencies for some stuff. It suggested that I use "apt-get -f install {packagename}".
So I did....
It downloaded a bundle of packages, whizzed through the configurations for them in no time at all.
Everything seemed to be fine..... until I rebooted.
It seems that apt-get decided to UNINSTALL:
  o netkit-inetd
  o ipchains
  o netbase
and a couple of others. In other words, upon reboot, there was no network connectivity and no way to GET network connectivity without bringing in netbase and it's dependencies via floppy disk.
The man pages seemed to say that the "-f" option would install any dependencies needed to install what you originally asked for. However, it seems to have also deleted some packages that it felt should be removed.
Is there an option for apt-get to tell it to install extra stuff it needs but to *not* remove anything?
- Joe

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