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Re: /boot

On 21 Oct, ColdWater wrote:
> Even with the boot in before the 1024cil,  is it recomended to to create a
> /boot partion?

In the manual of SuSE Linux (German Distribution) it's recommended to
create a /boot partition for all disks above 500MB. Debian defaults to
no /boot partition. However, the File System Standard says that /boot
is the place for all static files of the boot loader, the biggest of
them (normally) is the kernel.
IMHO, for a standalone workstation it doesn't really matter. A separate
partition is good for servers since you can prohibit accessing it (mount
it readonly). Since it's quite easy to create, it's always a good idea
to create such a partition.

> Is it good, bad or it does not matter? What about it's size. 10Mb is enough?

About the size: Depends on your kernel, but 10MB surely is enough. On our
small server we have a /boot partition of 5 MB, while 1.3MB are used
(standard Debian installation, standard kernel). If you're going to
install a kernel with huge multimedia support compiled in, you maybe
need 10MB, I never checked that out.
It's always a good way to use 1 block for the /boot partition,
especially on large disks.
You should place the /boot partition first on the disk, it's
easier to administrate and you avoid problems such as 1024-cyl and the


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