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anyone notice any g++ differences?

I waited for the hub-ub of the last couple weeks woody situation to cool down
and dependencies to be fixed before I upgraded.  I did the dist-upgrade tonight
with the --download-only option.  Then I used dpkg -i *.deb.  There were a
couple problems that I fixed and it seems everything is OK.  However, I went
and compiled a homework assignment I'm working on again under the new g++
and it seems not to recognize setw().  I run the old binary and the spacing
is fine, the new compile and the output is smashed together.  I'd prefer not
to have to reboot to windows to run visual c++ for homework but... So does
anyone have an idea if this is a quirk of the new code?  Should I report this
to anyone?  And most importantly has anyone else run across this yet?


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