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Re: Access to WWW via ISDN and Netscape Navigator (beginner)

  first check if your networking is really working, try few basic
commands like netstat -i, ping various machines etc...

  if netscape is complaining it is probavly becuase of non-working
network. did you set the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf?


Matthias Mann wrote:
> Hi linuxuser!
> I had installed Debian 2.2r0 potato. First the basesystem and all packages
> of the directorys Imp and Std. Next i installed the X Window system Netscape
> and isdnutils. I think the ISDN-card is working cause i had a connection of
> one second by typing isdnctrl dial ippp0 on consiole. Isdnlog made this
> message. If i now start netscape there is a message like netscape is unable
> to locate the server ....... And there is another window wirh a reference to
> the environmentvariable SOCKS_NS. I´m sorry, but i don´t understand  this
> text. Must i set this variable to use netscape as normal user? And if yes,
> what is the content of SOCKS_NS? Is there any other that i had forget to do?
> Thanx, have a nice day
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