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Re: about to install Debian - "help me through the dark".. :)

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Aviad <bendov@inter.net.il> wrote:

>I'm about to install debian for the first time, and i just fear that i wont be
>able to load up some of my cards - now, i know this is not a debian-specific
>question, but i was wondering if anyone here had a clue where i could find
>information on how to install Asuscom's ISDNLink 128k on linux? Cause i really
>dont want to get stuck with no internet when trying to configure debian.. :-)

Not familiar with this card, but I'd suggest that you check the
very comprehensive isdn4linux FAQ (the Debian isdnutils package
is isdn4linux) at http://www.isdn4linux.de/faq and query Deja for
de.alt.comm.isdn4linux. That's a group in the German Usenet
hierarchy, but English posts have always been welcome and there
should already be some archived information in English. Also try
de.alt.comm.isdn4linux for more specific questions, very decent
signal/noise ratio there. HTH

Philipp Lehman <lehman@gmx.net>

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