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backup and rebuild strategy


I'm using a cheap, low-spec PC (running Debian 2.2) as a dial-up server,
firewall, proxy webserver, etc. for my main home PC.

Now I have it configured as I want it, I'd like to make some backups. The
problem is that the only backup device available is a 100MB parallel-port
Zip drive. This isn't supported by any of the 'standard' rescue disks, and
anyway it is a bit small to back up everything. Fortunately, I can afford a
few days off the Internet if I ever have to rebuild the PC, so here's my

To backup:
1. Back up /usr/local, /home, and /etc to the Zip disk.
2. Capture the output of 'dpkg --get-selections' to a file and back it up
to the Zip disk.
3. Back up /usr/src/linux/.config to a floppy - I won't be able to read
from the Zip disk until I have rebuilt a custom kernel.

To rebuild:
1. Install the base Debian system, plus the kernel source package,
make-kpkg, and any dependencies.
2. Copy the kernel config file from floppy to /usr/src/linux. Build and
install a custom kernel with parallel-port Zip support.
3. Now I can read the Zip disk, and run 'dpkg --set-selections' against the
saved output from 'dpkg --set-selections'.
4. Run dselect (or apt-get ...) to fetch and install the selected packages.
5. Restore /usr/local, /home, and /etc (this should restore all the
original configuration files).

Will this work? Is there anything I have missed? Any comments and
suggestions gratefully received.



Mike Jones
Unix System Administrator
Office for National Statistics
South Wales, UK

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