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Re: Article: Debian's Daunting Installation

Am I a newbie? I dont know.

Since 1992 I have been using NEXTSTEP, then since 1998 Linux. The
first install made a friend of mine. It was OpenLinux. When I wanted
to upgrade I tried to install a new OpenLinux by myself. All went
smooth -- but I never managed to install ISDN. So I wiped it out and
tried Slink.

Dselect is reaaly not very userfriendly but the real problem is not
dselect. The problem is to configure your system. You have to know
what kind of informations you need to configure ISDN, Network,
Printers, Fax-modems etc.

I had all written down from my old installation, which I left
bootable, to have a fallback-system, if I ran into troubles. So the
only thing I had to do, was to search for the right config-files,
where I filled in the all the things I had in my old config-files.

So I had no problems. But if someone never saw his Linux-guru-friend
writing the line "S3:2345:respawn:/sbin/mgetty -x 3 ttyS3" into
inittab to get the fax running, how can he ever configure it?

Generally I think that noone would ever ask how difficult or easy a
linux-installation is, when you buy computers with preinstalled
linux. Did you ever read an article about how to install windows?


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