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Re: Article: Debian's Daunting Installation

Quoting csj@mindgate.net (csj@mindgate.net):
> Daunting installation? I totally disagree. Debian is the easiest console mode
> installation I have ever seen (Win 3.1, Redhat 5.something, etc.).
> The difficult part for me was creating the bootable CD. Once I figured out the
> queer directory structure, it was as simple as flopping the CD on the drive and
> pressing enter, enter, and enter...
> My main complaint is against the Debian ftp directory structure: Unlike with
> Redhat and Co., you can't just copy the files off the ftp site (unless
> you're willing to put up with the truly daunting 650 MB iso download). Debian
> lumps together the various architectures, such that a simple recursive ftp from
> (target site)/pub/linux/distributions/debian/ won't do the trick. Redhat, on
> the other hand, has separate directories for the files needed for i386, sparc,
> alpha, etc. (I'm not sure if things will remain just as neat with the
> multi-CD Redhat 7.0).

I don't understand. I see .../debian/dists/potato/main/binary-i386/
so what's that but the architecture? Or did you expect to see the
architecture above the Debian distribution in the tree?


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