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Re: Article: Debian's Daunting Installation

Daunting installation? I totally disagree. Debian is the easiest console mode
installation I have ever seen (Win 3.1, Redhat 5.something, etc.).

The difficult part for me was creating the bootable CD. Once I figured out the
queer directory structure, it was as simple as flopping the CD on the drive and
pressing enter, enter, and enter...

My main complaint is against the Debian ftp directory structure: Unlike with
Redhat and Co., you can't just copy the files off the ftp site (unless
you're willing to put up with the truly daunting 650 MB iso download). Debian
lumps together the various architectures, such that a simple recursive ftp from
(target site)/pub/linux/distributions/debian/ won't do the trick. Redhat, on
the other hand, has separate directories for the files needed for i386, sparc,
alpha, etc. (I'm not sure if things will remain just as neat with the
multi-CD Redhat 7.0).

On Wed, 04 Oct 2000, Randy Edwards wrote:
> Has anyone seen Joe Barr's article in LinuxWorld at
> <http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-2000-09/lw-09-vcontrol_2.html>?
>    I was struck by the article in a number of ways.  I think it's sad that
> an experienced user like him couldn't install Debian (sad being the knock
> goes against him -- it ain't rocket science), but on the other hand, his
> reactions are *typical* of what I've seen when I try to have new users
> install Debian (so I can't knock him I guess).
>    I've fallen into the mode that I now give new users the free Storm
> Linux CD, have them install that and get comfortable with GNU/Linux, and
> then tell them to apt up to a full Debian system.  I'd love to give them a
> pure Debian install, but after seeing people fail on it again and again
> (I'll ignore topics of intelligence in the general user population:-),
> unless I'm there to walk them through it I know they're bound to fall on
> their face.
>    Anyone else have any thoughts on this article?
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