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Re: apt-get and customized kernel

Jack <ifup@yifan.net> writes:

This is really becoming a FAQ. :)

> I always compile my own customized kernel.  However,  it brings one
> thing annoying when using apt-get dist-upgrade.  As you can see as
> following it tries to install debian provided kernel instead.  

There are to solutions:

1) Set your kernel-* packages on "hold", then they won't get upgraded
   automatically. You can do this in dselect with '='. This is IMHO
   the better solution.

2) You can also compile your kernel with an "epoch" in the revision
   (--revision=3:foo.1.0, for example). Then, the kernel will only be
   upgraded, if the original kernel .deb has a higher epoch
   (currently, it's 3, afaik).

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