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Re: Article: Debian's Daunting Installation

I'm just over a month into Debian and have hassled the list with
lots of my configuration problems. That being said, the
conversion from Mandrake to Debian was relatively painless and I
actually preferred the very interactive Debian approach; and am
slowly discovering that almost all the information I need to sort
out my problems is sitting here inside my box.   RTFM remains
some of the best advice around, though sometimes it helps to be
told where TFM IS!

What I need (not a complete newbie but not an expert by any
means) is actually some help finding a path through the
documentation; perhaps a list of the docs that would be most
helpful to a beginner trying to, say, compile a kernel, or
configure sound, sort out X or set up a small network.  Part of
the fascination of any kind of Linux is figuring it out and
getting under the bonnet (as we say over here); but some guidance
as to where the helpful bits of the docs are would help a lot.  

If it is in fact there and I've utterly missed  both it and the

Many thanks for help received thus far.  Debian is terrific -
wouldn't change back!

Glyn M

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