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Re: Ati Rage Furo Pro 128

"stefan" == stefan goeman <stefan.goeman@siemens.atea.be> writes:

> Hello, I installed Debian GNU/Linux (potato). All went well except
> for the setup of my X environement.

> I have a Ati Rage Furo Pro 128 graphics card. (ASIC Type: Rage 128
> Pro ASIC ID: 5046 Bus type: AGP Mem Size: 16 Mb SDR SGRAM 1:1

> I have the impression this is not supported by Xfree86-3.3.6?
> Anybody any idea how I should install this card under Xfree86-3.3.6
I am not sure if the Rage 128 Pro is the same as the Rage 128 AGP that
I have, but I think it should be fine.  If you go to the XFree86 site,
and look at the supported cards list for 3.3.6, they mention Rage
128.  It needs to use the SVGA server, and in the "Device" section of
your XF86Config, have a line like:

Section "Device"
    Identifier      "r128"

XF86Setup had an option for the Rage 128, if I recall correctly, the
only thing I had to add was change the Identifier line.  It's worked
perfectly ever since. 

> Or should I try to install Xfree86-4.0 or Xfree86-4.0.1 ?  If so,
> can I find some debain packages somewhere?

I believe the XFree86 site mentions that the Rage 128 has 3d accel
support under the 4.0* versions, using DRI.  I haven't tried that yet


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