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Re: Bring Out Yer' Dead... Dead Sparcs That Is.

Thing is it's not doing shit. I've setup a serial console to it and
nothing comes accross. It pwoers on, sits with a black screen, blinks
the message about no KB (both with and without the kb actually plugged
in) and then goes back to a black screen. It doesn't try to boot, there
is no disk activity. I've tried to type blind in case the PROM was
accessible to reset things. So, if the nvram that mouser.com is supposed
to be shipping and teh new type 5 kb don't fix it, i'll be parting out
the rest of my sparc stuff. I have a bootable cd-rom in a 411 case, a
1GB full height disk in an 811 case and a type 5 kb/mouse combo. Also
there is a 19" monitor, therenet transceiver, and audio cable.


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