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bits and pieces

Does anyone know of any issues installing potato on a system with
these components:

 . Asus K7V motherboard with an Athlon 800mhz processor

 . Matrox Millennium G400 (16MB video ram)

 . Western Digital 15.3G 7200 RPM hard drive

 . Futura 17in Monitor, 1280x1024 resolution

 . Toshiba CDRW/DVD combo drive

My understanding is that the Matrox Millennium G400 has been supported
since XFree 3.3.4, so since the default potato version is 3.3.6, that
should be fine.

I've not found any incompatibilities mentioned in the Hardware
Compatibility Howto, or in the Debian installation manual, but I'd
appreciate any warnings or advice that experienced people might have
to offer.



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