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[no subject] Re: "Official" Debian 1.3 CD-ROM/Release Methodology "Too many open files" Re: "Too many open files": ulimits "undefined reference" errors when compiling tcl-7.6p2 "xauth +", not a good idea... # That's ease :-) how to setup dos ? 'e2fsck -c' vs scandisk 'suck' (fwd) Re: Is Debian linux part of Microsoft? (fwd) *Help!* Where is device partition info stored? Re: *Help!* Where is device partition info stored? *RFC* - Linux Router Project - Preliminary discussion .csh_alias - Re: What good is the default .alias file? /etc/passwd /etc/resolv.conf has wrong permissions /etc/securetty problem /proc filesystem Re: 1.2 to 1.3 short cut? 1.2 to 1.3 upgrade 1.2 to 1.3 Upgrade - was Debian quality 1.3 disks to install 1.2? 1.3 on a 4Mb-machine 10/100TX net card recommendations? 100 Mbit Ethernet 10BT cables and lightning 16 bpp in XDM 2 ethernet cards and loadlin 3c900 problems 3c905 problems with 1.3 (and 1.2.5) [ Network Problem] [General Q] What is inetd? [lpd] filtering [META] Use of the list for non-Debian matters Re: [META] Use of the list for non-Debian matters (fwd) [Off-Topic] Making FLI's [Q] Best Strategy to install Debian 1.3 using a PCMCIA CDROM? Re: [Q] How to create a FTP only account.. for... Re: [Q] How to create a FTP only account... [Q] update-menus broken in 1.3? [ Re: Netscape SEGV with 3.3 VGA16] [tex] babel and 8-bit files [tex] babel and 8-bit files - Report [tex] Re: babel and 8-bit files [ problems with dosemu, fvwm95, xbase] accessing filesystems...again ack! x has been hosed ack, never mind aclocal? Add NIS-only headaches After Install: "crc error" Re: After Install: "crc error" -- rescue disk broken? afterstep Afterstep color problem Re: alien, xfree86, and other bugs Re: All those Perl CPAN Modules... ANNOUNCE: updated deb-view.el V1.3 for Deb file viewing anonymoys FTP are to all user... Another Installation Question another question, nfs again answer to xdm automatically starting Re: Any 1.3 updates yet? Re: Any hints on using NAS audio? Re: Any hints on using NAS audio? <fixed> Anyone has seen this before? Apache & DBMUserFiles ... Re: Apache problems with 1.2->1.3 upgrade Re: Apache server-side includes questions Apache-SSL apcupsd, genpower, and PowerShute(TM) "Black" cable. Re: Apple Personal LaserWriter (serial non-PS) printer... Appletalk Won't Start April Infomagic LDR & Debian Are spammers subscibing to the lists? aspfilter Re: ATI video card auth.log: su(to root) fails 1000 times /min? available file Re: backspace/delete at the console Bad Pixmap BadPix base is still obsolete Bash 2.00 error in xterm Best e-mail approach for discon. sites Re: Best Strategy to install Debian 1.3 - partitioning matters Big Bad Bug - adduser truncating files from /etc/skel. BIG NetScape Bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (fwd) Big Problem in upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3 Big problem with TeX/LaTeX Re: BIND 8.1?? bizarre netscape behavior black hole # block factors for QIC-Wide tapes? Books on Debian Boot linux from two linux partition Boot question booting Debian from CD or harddisk Broken nethack? broken pipe Bruce on congress in germany burning CD, how? CAD package for Debian? can qmail be run from inetd Can't deinstall package Can't get free page while making filesystem ... can't load modules after -> 1.3 cd now working CD on paralell port ???? CDE-like window manager CDROM with DOSish hidden files? Re: CDROM with DOSish hidden files? SOLUTION (?) Changing my From header in outgoing mail... Changing the host name checker won't link Re: checkergcc chooser for xdm ? choosing a linux distribution ChOS problem Cleaning Debian Filesystem... color_xterm and xfm, where are they? Colors Connecting terminals Connecting to Windows NT connectix quickcam difficulties Re: console in X console screenblanker? converting .hqx files Couple little things (bugs?) CRC Error Cron <root@yogi> atrun -d -l 0.5 (fwd) What does this error mean ? Cron setup Cron setup -- thanks/summary cron.daily : when does it run? crossover install? Re: crypt cs4232c sound card Dat vs. Travan Re: DAT vs. Travan Re: Dat vs. Travan DDD problems Dead list? Re: Dear Mr. Sean.Seaman Debian & NT40 on same ide disk Debian 1.2: where is locale? debian 1.3 Debian 1.3 install enters a reboot cycle Re: Debian 1.3 install enters a reboot cycle <FIXED!> Debian 1.3 Release FAQ - Preliminary The last update was on 12:34 GMT Mon Jun 17. There are 2596 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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