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Re: Connecting to Windows NT

Leandro Asnaghi-Nicastro wrote:
> >I've never dialed-in to an NT machine. However, just because Win95
> >prompts for user/password doesn't mean CHAP is used. Win95 tries to
> >be real clever with authentication, responding to plain old login:/
> >password: auth, PAP, and CHAP as it detects them. If you really want
> >to see what's going on, use HyperTerminal and manually dial in. Does
> >it prompt you with "user:", "login:" or some such thing? If this is
> >a case you'll need to set up your "chat" dial script to respond to
> >these prompts with your user id and password. If once the modem connects
> >you see garbage spewing out, then PPP is starting automatically and
> >auth must by default be either PAP or CHAP. In this case get pppd set
> >up with debugging on ('debug' on the command line or in the options
> >file) and look at /var/log/ppp.log. Without understanding all the
> >info that's there, you should still see "PAP" or "CHAP" somewhere in
> >the output and you'll know what you need. Then you'll need to edit
> >either /etc/ppp/pap-secrets or /etc/ppp/chap-secrets, respectively,
> >and create an entry with your login/password. There should be examples
> >in these files to go by.
> Thank you for your message =)
> I tried to connect using MINICOM to capture to log what WinNT is telling
> Win95 during the login process.  Unfortunately nothing appears.  I pressed
> Enter a couple of times to see if any character would appear, but so far, no
> luck.
> Any suggestion?

This probably means that NT is waiting to receive a real PPP packet,
and is ignoring your carriage returns you're typing. This would also
imply that it wants to authenticate using PAP/CHAP. You should get
a chat script working for pppd to connect up. I guess a lot of people
use pon/poff but I've never tried these since it's easy enough to
write a simple script. Here's an example: (please excuse the 
unintended line-breaks my email client is sure to insert in the 
'connect' stuff)

/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyS0 38400 crtscts debug lock modem defaultroute \
  connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -t 120 ABORT BUSY ABORT 'NO CARRIER' '' ATZ

Note that this script will not try to do authentication, but having
"debug" as an option will log packets to /var/log/ppp.log, and you
should be able to see what it is that NT wants.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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