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"undefined reference" errors when compiling tcl-7.6p2

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I have been fooling
with it for several days and can't seem to work it out. I have
checked all the applicable entries in the bug archives, and RTFM'd
where appropriate.

For some reason, the references to the "inet_ntoa" and 'inet_addr" get
"__" appended to them in the object files (and assembler input, if it
matters). They seem to be the only libc functions to have this
behavior. Is this a FAQ? I have tried the same compile on a system
based on the "frozen" tree, and the "unstable" with no luck. It works
fine on a non-debian (non glibc) Linux system. Unfortunately, I don't
have a system with pre-glibc debian on it anymore to try it out. I
have included output from the failed "make" and the versions info for
(I think) the relevant packages. I'll be glad to provide anymore
specific info if it would help.



| Jonathan Hankins | jhankins@mailserv.homewood.k12.al.us                |
+------------------+ jrhankin@nyx.cs.du.edu                              |
| Homewood City	   +-----------------------------------------------------+ 
| Schools	   | http://www.nyx.net/~jrhankin/                       |

---"make"  output------------------------------------------------------------

cc -rdynamic tclAppInit.o /home/jhankins/Temp/tcl-7.6p2/unix/libtcl7.6.a -ldl  -lm -lc \
	 -o tclsh
/home/jhankins/Temp/tcl-7.6p2/unix/libtcl7.6.a(tclUnixChan.o): In function `TcpGetOptionProc':
tclUnixChan.o(.text+0xfdc): undefined reference to `__inet_ntoa'
tclUnixChan.o(.text+0x1015): undefined reference to `__inet_ntoa'
tclUnixChan.o(.text+0x10cb): undefined reference to `__inet_ntoa'
tclUnixChan.o(.text+0x1105): undefined reference to `__inet_ntoa'
/home/jhankins/Temp/tcl-7.6p2/unix/libtcl7.6.a(tclUnixChan.o): In function `CreateSocketAddress':
tclUnixChan.o(.text+0x1432): undefined reference to `__inet_addr'
/home/jhankins/Temp/tcl-7.6p2/unix/libtcl7.6.a(tclUnixChan.o): In function `TcpAccept':
tclUnixChan.o(.text+0x176f): undefined reference to `__inet_ntoa'
make: *** [tclsh] Error 1


Version info:

binutils	2.8-1
libc5           5.4.23-6
libc5-dev       5.4.23-6
libc6           2.0.3-4

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