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Re: [META] Use of the list for non-Debian matters

As long as we're talking about this list and filters, I just joined
this list and I made sure I had a mailfilter going *before I even
joined*.  I mean come on people, there's always going to be noise on a
mailing list.  Filtering it is better then complaining about it.

I recommend (highly highly highly) procmail, since it can do
everything under the sun.  My procmailrc file (or a watered down
version thereof) is...
LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/proclog   # recommended
LOGABSTRACT=all            # while debugging, make it log a lot

* ^TO.*maxmax

* ^TOdebian-user

* ^From.*jomsteve

But of course, now I'm not talking about debian specific stuff


On Jun 9, 10:46am, Brian K Servis wrote:
} Subject: Re: [META] Use of the list for non-Debian matters
| Ed Down writes:
| >
| >What _I_ would like is a nice concise posting regarding setting up a mail
| >filter for pine and other mail progs, posted regularly
| As for filtering I use elm on my isp to read and filter my mail.  With all 
| the debian going to a separate folder.  This way I don't have to worry about
| deleting an email by accident when purging debian mail.  
}-- End of excerpt from Brian K Servis

               Max Stevens   jomstevens@uwaterloo.ca
          Max is a sagittarius but Max's family owns a taurus.
                  This is the dichotomy that is Max.

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