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Re: April Infomagic LDR & Debian

> How long would it have taken an experienced Linux user to do a quick
> install of three different distributions just to make sure something
> major wasn't missing? Maybe a day at most?

W install  all three distributions on our TRI-LINUX cd  on two different
boxes ... 
one that is all IDE and one that has a NCR SCSI and a AHA 1542. It takes 
about 3 hours when two of us are working on it. We then create a gold,
it bit for bit, and  test the install one more time.  Before we ship a
CD we do a bit for bit test again and usually install one of the three

The Debian 1.3 install is much improved from previous versions.  It
autodetected the
subdirectory where I put the startup stuff and required only a single boot 
floppy.  A far cry from the 6 floppies needed in previous versions. I think
the quality and ease of the basic installation is now second to none.  


Linux System Labs (The Linux Publishing Company)
TRI-LINUX with Debian 1.3, Red Hat 4.2 and Slackware 3.2 is now shipping!
check out http://www.lsl.com

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