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After Install: "crc error"

     I install Debian 1.3 on a now clean partition from 7 diskettes.
     The last install went smoothly and I created a boot floppy.
     Very early in the following boot, I get the messages
     loading linux ...
     uncompressing Linux ...      [there was nothing like "Done"]
     crc error
     --system halted
     To resolve the problem, I created a second set of install disks at 
     another site, but I got the same error.
     The computer I install on has an Adaptec 2940 SCSI card and I install 
     to /dev/sda9, a SCSI disk.  I also have an Atapi CD, which during 
     installation "F4" showed repeated errors, though I did not install 
     from CD -- I supposed that the installation occasionally looked at 
     other devices without need.  The Debian installation I had used since 
     November, 1996, works well with this Atapi CD [the CD is probably 
     irrelevant to the installation].
     I thought I could scheme around the problem with "chroot".
     With the rescue disk, I could not "chroot /target", nor could I change 
     root with the "chroot" of the Debian installation and the rescue disk 
     running (I believe I got a "segmentation fault", though using "yard" 
     rescue disks I got an unrecognized variable which was probably a 
     library problem).
     My solution: I will install with my November, 1996, Debian 1.2 disks.
     They worked fine for 15 other Debian installs I had done.
     Then I will convert over to Debian 1.3, following upgrade 
     Unrelated comment:
     Evidently, the Debian installation will not recognize a SCSI swap 
     partition on the first partition /dev/sda1.
     My previous Debian installation used this as a swap partition and the 
     installation showed it still so defined, but the step "Initialize and 
     Activate the Swap Disk Partition" detected no swap partition.
     I later added the swap partition /dev/sda5 (a logical rather than a 
     primary partition) which the Debian install did detect.
     Jim Burt   jburt@nass.usda.gov

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