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Re: 1.2 to 1.3 upgrade


On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Rob MacWilliams wrote:

> I'm upgrading from Debian 1.2 to 1.3 and saw the following on the web page:
>    "This section is only for people who are upgrading an older
>    Debian system... ...As root, run these commands:
>     dpkg --clear-avail
>     dpkg -i ldso_*.deb
>     dpkg -i libc5_*.deb
>     dpkg -i dpkg_*.deb dpkg-ftp_*.deb
>     dpkg --purge --force-depends texbin"
> So I downloaded:
> ldso_1.8.10-2.deb
> libc5_5.4.23-6.deb
> dpkg_1.4.0.8.deb
> dpkg-ftp_1.4.8.deb
> from the 1.3 directory of ftp.debian.org (the closest site to me).
> to a brand new sub-dir, which I cd'd to before running dpkg - i.
> When i tried to install the packages, I recieved the errors below.
> I'm not too worried about locale settings. My guess is that they can be fixed
> without making the machine unusable.  I am, however, concerned about the 
> broken links that show up under libc5.
> /usr/lib/libc.so and /usr/lib/libm.so both show up as broken symlinks.
> /lib/libc.so.5 is a link to /lib/libc.so.5.4.23 and 
> /lib/libm.so.5 is a link to /lib/libm.so.5.0.8.  

This is an indication that your libc5-dev package is out of sync with your
libc5 package.  Finishing the upgrade will solve this problem.

> Should I link the /usr/lib stuff to the links in /lib
> i.e. /usr/lib/libc.so->/lib/libc.so.5 or should I link them to the files
> themselves i.e. /usr/lib/libc.so->/lib/libc.so.5.4.23?  I seem to remember that 
> some programs can't follow too many levels of links. Or was this all
> a result of not having the locale settings correct?

Just let the upgrade fix it, when you install the new libc5-dev package
the link will be correct.

> I don't have texbin installed, so that package isn't an issue.
> Sorry for the bandwidth, but I thought all of the error messages 
> should be here.

Your LANG variable should be en_US

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