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Can't get free page while making filesystem ...

Nathan E Norman writes:
 > I'm sure I saw a post about this in the past few weeks.  I've got a P-90
 > with 24 MB of RAM that I'm trying to make useful ... so I rounded up a
 > bunch of SCSI drives to toss in it.  However, when I try to make
 > filesystems on the 2 gig drives, it says it can't get a free page, and
 > freezes.  When formatting a 1 gig drive, it says it can't get a free
 > page, but manages to recover and finish the filesystem (As far as I can
 > tell).
 > Let's see, important info ... we're running Debian 1.3, kernel 2.0.30.
 > The drives are a mixed bag ... Conner and Quantum for the 2 gigs, IBM
 > and HP for the 1 gigs.  There's also a Seagate and a Quantum in the
 > machine (yes, it's a junkman's special).  I'm sure I've forgotten some
 > pertinent info ...
 > Any ideas?
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This seems to be a problem with the 2.0.30 kernels.  Try using the
2.0.29 kernel in the latest boot-disk set (dated 1997-05-28 or later).
You can also try increasing /proc/sys/vm/freepages values; this
apparently raises the threshold before the paging problems of the '30
kernel surfaces.


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